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The laboratory RoCoCo (Cognitive Cooperating Robots) is located at DIAG (Dipartimento di Ingegneria Informatica, Automatica e Gestionale) of Sapienza University of Rome, Italy. The research developed at RoCoCo laboratory is in the area of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics and started with the participation of the SPQR Team to the RoboCup competitions in 1998.


RoCoCo laboratory has several types of robotic platforms, that are used both for research project and as support to the courses of the Master in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, offered at DIAG. Among the platforms available Aldebaran NAO humanoid robots (formerly Sony AIBO), wheeled mobile robots (Pioneer, Videre Erratic, TurtleBot, Segway), a mobile manipulator Kuka YouBot, and small UAVs from Ascending Technologies. In addition, several sensors are available both for mobile and fixed installations, including stereo cameras, depth sensors laser scanners, IMU, thermal cameras.


At RoCoCo laboratory several software tools have been developed, including:

Main Research Topics

  • Multi robot systems
  • Cognitive robotics
  • Robotic perception
  • Simultaneous localization and mapping
  • Human robot interaction.

Application domains

  • Robotic soccer
  • Service robots in the home
  • Surveillance with fixed and mobile sensors
  • Search and rescue robotics.


RoCoCo Laboratory currently hosts 5 faculties (Daniele Nardi, Luca Iocchi, Giorgio Grisetti, Domenico Daniele Bloisi, and Alberto Pretto), 10 PhD Students, and several master students. The group has a solid tradition of cooperation with other research groups worldwide, and is very interested in establishing new collaborations and hosting foreign researchers.